First reactions to BtL

Last week I had the huge pleasure of meeting the Research Assistants who are administering and monitoring the implementation of Breakthrough to Learning at Matthew Moss High School.

They have set up a blog and made a number of video clips (including two of me made on their visit!). They can be accessed on:

These are some of the comments by Year Seven learners on their first experience of Book 1:

‘It is great. It is a lot better than primary English. In primary you just sit and watch bored, but this is FUN!’

‘I think it is good because the system is working very well and it’s good fun too.’

 ‘This is really enjoyable but quite confusing but I like doing it because I can think harder!’

 ‘I think the book is really interesting because it helps me with my learning.’ 

 ‘English is now interesting because you learn about the world.’

 ‘I find it more interesting than normal English because we get to work at our own pace.’

 ‘I think that it is very clever, useful and interesting. I’ve never thought about the layers of English.’

 ‘I enjoy English more, this makes me feel more grateful and confident.’


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