“The times they are a-changing”

I’ve had some very exciting responses to my last blog:

(1) From a maths teacher who is thinking of an exhibition on maths as a modern foreign language – spot on! (See reply to Death of a Great Idea.)

(2) The secondary school referred to by Howard is one I worked in twenty years ago preparing what became Breakthrough to Learning! Two of the photoes in Book 1 chapter 3 are of young people in that school (now middle-aged!). When I know more about the project they’re developing I’ll put the details up here. I hope to visit the school in April.

(3) A visit from Urszula Clark at Aston University bringing me up to date on changing attitudes to explicit language teaching. One of the Government-led initiatives is to make a condition of an Outstanding evaluation with Ofsted that the school show how they are meeting the language demands of the subjects.

I hope that some of my work can be used in training teachers in the linguistic knowledge they need to fulfill this criterion, particularly


and Knowledge About Language (I hope this will be up as part of this website in the near future.)

“The times they are a-changing!”

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