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All the books were designed to be used by students working in pairs, often sharing a book. The books were ringbound, so they opened easily. The format was designed so that all the material needed to answer any exercise was available on a double page spread. There was therefore no need for the students to turn back and forward to look for information.

It is important for people using the course to be aware of this, so that, if they are producing a paper copy, they back the pages appropriately.

Downloads currently available:-

Breakthrough to Learning:

Book 1 – Language awareness

Book 1 – Glossary

Book 1 – Answers

Book 2 – Reading for Learning

Book 2 – Glossary

Book 2 – Answers

Book 3 – Wriring for Learning

Book 3 – Answers

Fast Track – A Programme for Students in Further Education

Fast Track – Answers

Knowledge about Language

Knowledge about Language

Knowledge about Language – Answers

Articles and Publications

Article from Educational Studies Publication

Breakthrough to Learning at Matthew Moss High School 2012-14