Is education about teaching or learning?

Above is a site that anyone interested in education should view and rejoice in. It is a lecture by Eric Mazur, a Harvard Professor of Physics, entitled Confessions of a Converted Lecturer. He observes what many of us have noted – that, although printing has been around for four centuries, teaching is still based on the practice of a time when oral transmission from teacher to pupil was the only method of passing the knowledge and culture of a community from generation to generation.On all the usual measures, Professor Mazur was a successful teacher. and then he noticed that, although his students passed their exams, they did not actually understand the concepts of the course! This made him reflect on his pedagogy and switch his attention from himself as teacher to his students as learners.

Have we lived to see the revolution? Click on the link and listen!

Note: (Professor) Bob Farmer, formerly of the Staff Student Development Department of UCE, drew my attention to this site. Thanks, Bob!

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