Who said language study was boring!

I’ve just had an email from Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale, which has introduced Breakthrough to Learning into every class in the school. This is how some pupils responded to the first lesson:

We observed some year 10s in BTL today and it was marvellous. They are doing the fast track course. The promo video had really inspired them and they worked brilliantly, making some lovely observations along the way, such as “It really makes you think Miss!” and “I’d never thought about language in layers like this before Miss.” It was so exciting and rewarding! It was Mark Moorhouse’s, the deputy head’s, class and he was amazed at how they got stuck in! One boy, a reticent learner called Luke, was excitedly babbling about complex sentences and connectives etc – it was great! He said “This is miles better than normal English Miss!”

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