More in-service work at BtL

The BtL team at MMHS has followed up the in-service day on January 6th with a meeting of Faculty reps, and then a whole staff meeting on the evening of 27th January. The main substance of this was to work through the third section of The Language of Ideas – Problem/Solution. I am told they found this very relevant to exam questions in their own subjects. The Humanities Faculty reported on the work they have started in identifying concrete/abstract words in their own subjects. The staff  found this very  inspiring. The team are collating the work of the faculties and I look forward to putting it alongside the work my friends and I are doing on analyzing GCSE exam questions. All very interesting! More good news: a school in Yorkshire has picked up BtL on the website and contacted MMHS. Two senior staff visited the school for a day in January and were properly impressed by the pioneering work being done there.


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