Death of a great idea and birth of another one

Last year I wrote an article about the Wigan Language Project for Creative Teaching and Learning, an excellent journal published by Imaginative Minds.

This was a follow-up to a piece I wrote for them ten years ago called Mind Your Language. The Director of the company, Howard Sharron, had  suggested that it was time for a review of why my course Breakthrough to Learning had not been widely adopted (even though the test results showed that it doubled the percentage of pupils in a comprehensive school gaining 5 or more GSCE’s grades A – C in 1991 – from the national average of 30% to 57%). This second article has now appeared under the title Death of a great idea.*

Howard has had one of his good ideas based on conversations with teachers in secondary schools about the problems pupils encounter in mastering the language of particular subjects, especially science and maths. He suggests that I write a series of articles examining the language of specific subjects.

I told him I could only do this if I could work with a teacher in each subject, who would at least give me materials to work on. We are both thinking of people we can contact to initiate such a project.



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